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Street fights are not fair!

Two men approach each other to street fight in the dark.

In a recent viral video, a teenage girl suffered a serious head injury following a street fight near a Missouri school. One participant was arrested on assault charges, while the other now grapples with severe consequences. It's a stark reminder that agreeing to fight on the streets can lead to life-altering outcomes.

Here are some undeniable truths about street fights:

1. Fights are not pretty.

With no rules or referees, street fights often result in serious injuries. Those who are willing to engage typically have little to lose.

2. Fights are not fair.

Anything can happen in a street fight, and assumptions about your opponent's moral code can be dangerously misguided.

3. One punch can be fatal.

A blow to the head can lead to severe injury or death, especially if the brain suffers trauma.

Overestimating one's combat abilities can have devastating consequences.

4. Just because you think you’re the good guy or the underdog doesn’t guarantee you a win. 

"The bad guy gets a say." As a firearms instructor, this is something I often emphasize to my students. Being morally justified doesn't ensure survival; readiness and strategy do.

5. Life isn't a movie!

Real-life fights don't follow Hollywood scripts. Without proper training and awareness, you're ill-prepared for the unpredictable nature of physical altercations.

6. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, you need to understand imminent threat. 

Recognizing when a situation can escalate to extreme violence can be lifesaving. It begins with situational awareness and knowing how to respond effectively.

Ego-driven decisions can lead to irreversible consequences. It's essential to prioritize avoidance and de-escalation to protect yourself and your loved ones.


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