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Less than half of Americans can name all three branches of government.


A lot of the political and economic destruction, media propaganda, and abuse of human rights surrounding us is continuing due to decades of educational neglect, which has left millions of Americans unprepared for civic life.


We need to increase the civic literacy of the population as a whole, or we’re going to face even more problems!


In this curriculum, we'll cover:

-The Foundation of the American Government

-The U.S. Constitution

-The Branches And Role of Goverment

-The Law Making Process

-Your Rights and Duties As Citizens

And so much more.


This curriculum is great for adults, college students, teens, people that need a civics refresher, people that need to learn more about civics, all American citizens, and those that may be applying for citizenship.

Civics & Liberty 101 Digital Curriculum

  • Printable and Downloadable PDF File

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